What to expect:

In the first session, which will last up to an hour, Kyla will spend time finding out the root of your problem. This will involve questions and a physical examination. Please wear stretchy comfortable clothing.

Following this will be the first treatment. This might involve Acupuncture, Massage and a tailored home exercise programme.

The follow up sessions will include further treatments as needed. Kyla’s unique combination of skills allows her an insight into the clients problem and tools to help regain normal function and eliminate pain.



  • Physiotherapy assessment initial consultation:
  • 1 hour – £55
  • Follow up physiotherapy sessions:
  • 45 minutes – £50
  • Full body Sports Massage:
  • 1 hour – £60
  • Neck, back and shoulder deep tissue massage:
  • 1 hour – £60
  • Private Yoga Tuition:
  • 1 hour – £40
  • Restorative Yoga:
  • 1 hour 30 minutes – £40

For Yoga Class details please contact Kyla or check Facebook ‘ONDA Phys-Yoga


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